Merlin Rewatch: 1.07 - The Gates to Avalon

Lots of eye-sexing and Uther has two crowns.

Also, shout-out to Sophia who was only in one episode in the first season, and yet still starred on every fic I’ve ever read as Arthur’s bitch girlfriend before he meets Merlin.

Hunger TV: “The Dark Side of the Day” with Holliday Grainger [x]

She was beautiful, and kind, and gentle to everybody. As I was lucky enough to meet her, I can surely say she was a pearl in this world.
Pierre Terrail, the “knight without fear and beyond reproach”, on Lucrezia Borgia x

I never felt that acting was a big deal or got nervous. My only training was doing GCSE drama. Even my friends didn’t watch my programmes. x

Holliday Grainger  |  66/?


"LA scares me a bit. It’s the fact that it’s so big and you have to drive everywhere. I’m very British and want a cobbled street and a tiny terraced house" - Holliday Grainger for Grazia magazine (2014)

Holliday Grainger for Hunger Magazine

Lucrezia Borgia + light