Holliday Grainger

When I finished my degree, I had a lot of work lined up and I freaked out. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I am actually an actor.’ As a kid, I thought I’d do something proper like writing or directing or producing. Acting is not a real job, is it? I pretend to be someone else for a living. *

I went for four days of interviews at Magdalen. I didn’t know it was the most oversubscribed college. I just basically chose it because it looked pretty and had wi-fi. *

The Riot Club cast live chat with Glamour UK

Misogyny and sexism, particularly in our industry, are pretty prevalent. It’s disgusting that you get to a certain stage as an actor and it becomes part of the politics of your job to dodge certain men’s advances. But, if I was to get angry about it, then I’d get riled with someone and start an argument, which is probably not good for my career. *

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