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gaslightcarmen asked: I loved the gifset you made for Goblin and I thought I'd ask you where you got Goblin from? Do I get it as a download when I buy it or is it just a stream? I'm really considering buying/donating but I am not sure what exactly I get in return (stream/download). Could you tell me, please? Thank you! :)


I watched ‘Goblin?’ from the Distrify Website here. The film is 7 minutes long and costs £2.70 with all the profits going to The British Lung Foundation.

It is a stream, not a download! and you only get to view it from the website once. The FAQ says that you can pause the film at any time but you can’t rewind (except I managed to watch it 3 times? but that might have been a glitch?).

I would recommend it! It’s great to see David and Holliday together again plus it’s actually pretty funny.

Thank you! I’ve made a couple more gif-sets, including one of the spoilery ending, and unless anyone has any objections, I’ll post those over the next couple of days! This gives people a chance to watch it first hand and hopefully donate more to the charity :)


"We have a Goblin in our wardrobe." (x)

Holliday Grainger, Max Irons in The Riot Club (Posh) Italian poster *


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